Mesh Fishnet Yarn
Charmkey Fishnet Yarn is one kind of basic hand knitting yarn.It owns big net and small net, which nm count is from 0.25 to 0.45. With many basic solid color and colorful mix color, makes it look very beautiful, fashionable and welcomed. Not only basic style fishnet yarn,but also we design many different style, for example, with small pom pom ,big pom pom ,gold metallic , silver metallic and Sequin...all are selling good at the market. Three 50g balls fishnet yarn can make a scarf with ruffles, the scarf just like a flower, style like a three-dimensional lotus leaf. It is welcomed by mother and grandmother. it is a very warm gift for you to give to your friends, mother, wife ,girlfriends and children. How to knitting? it is very easy. it is time you get a creative. Please donnot hestitate. Come on and join us Charmkey Yarn.